Game freezing with Intel i3 / Dual core CPUs

i am not disabling hyperthreading just to play overwatch. lowering performance to play a game doesnt make sense to me.


I agree with u, I’m not doing that

Hey, yesterday I had to wait for more than 20 minutes before I could log in. Not saying it’s ideal, but at least the login times are getting better

Yeah, but when trying out methods to prevent a crash it gets annoying but fair enough.

playing at 30 capped is crazy behavior ngl.

Hello everyone,

Thank you all for the reports so far. This thread appears to be a mix of a couple different issues so we want to focus on the main problem being reported here, and sift out the other problems that are unrelated. This will help us collect meaningful data so that we (Tech Support) can forward info to our Quality Assurance team and Overwatch developers.

Main issue: Overwatch 2 is crashing with a black screen while playing on systems with Intel Core i3 or dual core CPUs. (2 cores / 4 threads)
This results in the Overwatch client freezing (app hang or not responding) and if Windows can’t recover the PC must be force shutdown. No error is generated.

Note that currently Intel Core i3 CPUs are supported and listed as the minimum requirement per the Overwatch 2 System Requirements, but Pentium CPUs are not.

Possible work arounds mentioned in this thread:

  • Disable Hyperthreading in the BIOS (Note* not supported by Blizzard, use at your own risk)
  • Limit FPS to 30 and use lowest graphics settings
  • Disable Dynamic Render Scale

If you haven’t already, please share your DXDIAG in this thread. We will be keeping an eye on this forum thread and sharing the info with our QA team.

  1. Press Windows Key + R.
  2. In the Run window type dxdiag and press Enter.
  3. In the DirectX window, click Save All Information.
  4. Name the file “dxdiag” and save it to your Desktop. Open the new dxdiag file with Notepad.
  5. In the posting section hit the </> button for “Preformatted text” then paste (Ctrl+V) the DXDIAG contents. That’ll make the information much more readable.

If you are unable to post this due to the length of the DXDIAG, please feel free to use and share the direct link with us instead. Use the </> button as well in order to share the link.

If you are experiencing black screen crashes and you DO NOT have an Intel Core i3 or dual-core CPU, please create a new thread and include your DXDIAG so we can treat those as separate issues.

We appreciate the information being shared here and appreciate your patience while we investigate. We will make sure to update this thread with any new information as we get it.


Lasted a little longer but still crashed. And yeah, disabling hyperthread kinda sucks since you lower the performance completely.


I have Pentium G4560 and RX 5500 XT with 32 GB ram, windows 10, I was also having the crashing issue. The game crashes when my CPU usage reaches 100%. But when I turned off “Hyper-Threading” from the bios, my game didn’t reach 100% usage again and thus didn’t crash.

i have a pentium g4560 too. RIP

Yeah i have fps drop. Is not a lot of fps going down but is not what we want.
I hope they fix it.

Damn I guess it’s time to upgrade to I-7 guys

Guess what i have i7 and i have this


But I don’t understand. Pentiums like G4560 are able to run OW 2 normally, In Overwatch 1 the minimum was a i3 too and nothing like this ever happened. How is that a limitation to the problem?


Would advise not to follow this or any other user workaround posted in the topic, as not being able to play OW2 might end up being the least of your problems. We can wait, take your time and fix the game.


yea i am getting over 200 fps before crash. but pentium not good enough i guess


So, if we have a Pentium CPU, there’s nothing we can do? I was under the impression that I met Overwatch 2 minimum requirements with a Intel Pentium Gold G5420

I’ll wait till it’s fixed

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Oh, You should open a thread yourself then as the Mod

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Even currently testing if it works, I would also advice not to do this. Overwatch might work, but performance even outside of overwatch is a mess with disabled hyperthreading.

Only testing it to see if it works, not gonna keep it disabled and will probably wait for a better way to fix it

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