Game freezing with Intel i3 / Dual core CPUs

You think i can try this whit a Pentium G5400?

tech supports have been replying to every other thread but not ours lmao


rly? I dont enter in other threads.
I was thinking they not respond nothing.

Same problem…
i7 2600k 4.200mhz, 24Gb Ram, 1080ti 11Gb
If analyze the scales in the game(CTRL+SHIFT+N), then there is a change, a splash of stripes during freezing. This interferes with a normal game. At the same time, the ping is good and stable without problems of the Internet connection. There were no problems in OW1.

I turned hyperthreading off and managed to make it through one full match of push, but I had a lot of large FPS drops

Has anyone else who’s tried turning hyperthreading off also experienced these drops in FPS?


Blizzard when I can play OW2? - Technical Support - Overwatch Forums
They’ve responded here 1hr ago

can we @ them is that a thing

I replied to their response in that thread, probably won’t do anything

Me too. I send her the link to this thread. :frowning:

they do not want to see it now, they want to deal with other errors and only when they are resolved, they will take care of this error, at least I think so…

Same problem
My pc:
GTX 1050 TI 4GB
Pentium g4560

but this issue was in the first beta, it’s hard to think of a feasible excuse for this because even before launch the freezing was still there


maybe they thought it would magically repair itself xD


or that only a small part of the community will be affected

probably we’ll have to wait till a big streamer gets this issue.


maybe they’ll answer us after fixing the ddos problem…

if nobody got it now, it probably won’t happen anymore

I am laughing because this problem was already in beta and is still on premire

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it’s obvious they just don’t want to reply cuz we’re the first thread on the list and they reply to the other threads


I am experiencing the same problem, crashing about 1-3min after opening overwatch, whether in match, menu or training range

Don’t think it is an issue with 2core

Amd 3600
32gb ram
1660 ti

Another thread with the same issue, I got the same log error messages as well
“ERR: … is the leading path component”