Game freezing with Intel i3 / Dual core CPUs

i have the fix sort off i mean it works for me cuz ive been playing for hours without crashing
i have intel pentium g6400 4.00ghz lmk if u guys need help

ah a fellow brother you also sold your soul ?

What wonders have you done, my brethren?

pasted this on the game launch options:
–tank_WorkerThreadCount 4 -d3d11
i did few games without crashing while before it would crash almost istantly in game.
i have an i3 6100 and rx550gpu
fps capped at 14x and hyperthreading not disabled

edit: dont know why isnt not showing but the paste start with 2 -


Today I tried switching the “-threads 2” (lasted no more than 5 matches) with “–tank_WorkerThreadCount 2” and it froze during the second match. Then I tried “–tank_WorkerThreadCount 4” and I’ve played 7 in a row and didn’t get any freezes, but I closed the game just in case (to “refresh the counter” in case it would still freeze).

I’ve experienced frame drops in the situations that, I believe, where what caused the freezes before. Like a teamfight with too many effects going on. Otherwise, the framerate is normal.

Someone mentioned before that the “-threads 2” might actually not even be a valid argument. If that’s so, then what worked for me was disabling dynamic render scale.

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I can play more than 10 games without any issue by uninstalling VALORANT because I’m guessing that VANGUARD is the root cause of Overwatch 2 being freeze in the mid game.

Not really, I had never installed Valorant in my pc and it freeze anyway. I highly doubt that’s the issue here. Maybe you are reporting another type of glitch?

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I’m sorry, I can’t really help you with that. “–tank_WorkerThreadCount 2 -threads 2” and –“tank_WorkerThreadCount 4 -threads 4” are not working for me but I don’t know why it works when I uninstall VALORANT. Btw I’m using i3-8100.

Personally, this ““–tank_WorkerThreadCount 2” is the best solution for now. While sometimes fps drops, but this is close to playable until they fix the issue

i was able to play 4 games without freeze
what I did is I opened up GeForce experience go to home tab then chose overwatch 2
and then press optimize also disable amd fsr also try limiting fps to 30
before using this fix I wasn’t able to play 1 game
this is the best solution to wait for a fix

we shouldt need to play at 30fps
its a competitive shooter


i know im mean you play 30 fps while waiting for a fix or limit fps to 60

so many threads lmao they’ve already acknowledged this one

we should be patiant

I guess --tank_WorkerThreadCount 2 is the best solution guys

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Can confirm, the ‘’ --tank_WorkerThreadCount 2 -thread 2’’ works a lot. Currently in practice range for about 30-50 mins and no freeze yet. Playing on Medium Graphics, 75Fps Max and Dynamic Rendering OFF. Also resolution 1920x1080 *60 , makes the 75fps cap basically useless but didn’t crash yet.


yo i tested again it still crashes thats with the -2 via eiether string.

Just want to say that when it crashes ask your self was there sudden movements in the team or by you as a player into high density team fight. there are still times in my other setup where you get banding (i dont freeze on that setup) and i think for our little 2 cores thats a freeze moment.

playing on distance character should lesssen it.

yeah this working for me too already playing some arcade and custom games without crashing

Played 8 matches here with these configs and no freezing at all.

Worked like a charm :slight_smile: now i can finally play in peace.