Game freezing with Intel i3 / Dual core CPUs

Since they didn’t bother fixing technical issues that exist since beta, I don’t expect it to be fixed soon… Might as well come back after month and still freeze 5 min into the game lol.


Im’ not expecting an update over the weekend due to

We’ll be back early next week to provide more updates on the forums, but if anything needs to be communicated in the meantime, we will post to @PlayOverwatch to keep you informed.

I’m already in CSGO while watching this thread grow

disable nvidia reflex or not?

where did they post it?

Time to delete this game good bye boys it’s been nice to stay with you for 5 days trying to fix this game i should given an IT degree or something


Same, it’s a shame, nice night tho

Have the same problem with a pc that far exceeds the minimum specs needed hopefully they push a patch through :confused:

well early next week, have a great weekend yall imma go touch some grass


They will or its a dead game

So, after a lot of testing and looking around on google for possible fixes, I’ve found the only thing that actually helped mitigating the problem, it did solve the freezing problem, but at the same time created another one.

These command lines arguments:
--tank_WorkerThreadCount 2 -thread 2

Now, onto the matter at hand. In using this command line, you’re limiting your cpu to use 2 threads out of 4, while this solves the freezing of the game, by limiting your cpu, the game’s performance and framerates can and WILL be affected.

When the chaos insues is when that performance cost will hit HARD, the game will lag, the fps will dip down like there’s no tomorrow, and your gameplay will suffer because of it.

But, despite all of that, it is the only workaround to this problem I’ve found and makes the game actually playable.

this is my PC Specs:

Pentium G4560
16 GigaBytes of Ram
GTX 760 2GB

So, be advised that if your specs are similar to mine you’ll likely face some performance/framerates issues. If you have better specs, the framerates might not be a problem, who knows.

I hope this works for you guys the same way it did for me, although I’d wish you won’t be facing the same performances problems I did.


I dont think its spec based, it’ll be something small stupid and overlooked

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Wish a staff would post in here so there’s a slight morale boost lol


update: tried said graphics settings + code: --tank_WorkerThreadCount 4

i3 - 8130U
2 cores | 4 threads
NVIDIA GeForce MX110

training grounds was fine, no crash
tried 1 game - was also fine with fps drops here and there (around 30fps), also no crash

*crash usually happens within training grounds and my first/second game

will update later if anything happens :>

Hey I am also having screen freeze issue i tried to lowering setting
30 60 fps cap still freezes
i3 4160
8 gb in dual channel
gtx 960 4GB
win 11 home
tried latest driver
game verify
defragmenting drive(game on)
tried increasing page file
default was high freezed
then tried mid also freezes
low same
and noticed in every setting ram usage was same 4gb ish
recommended is 6 gb so should be able to play in atleast low
and also tried little to no application in bg
also tried disabling game mode
on off
even tried to turn off shadowplay still samw

did the update did anything?

there was no update.

fun fact low res low setting 720p all low no aa
same ram usage and same freezes

mine has one, try restarting your battle net

nope no update for me