Game freezing with Intel i3 / Dual core CPUs

ok we got an update about yesterday maintenance

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changed to 7 pdt actually

—tank_WorkerThreadCount 4

the number depends on how many threads your cpu have. u can see it in task manager > performance

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didn’t work crashed as always

ive the same spec just tired worked fine about 2 games but then again froze :<

They gonna fix the problem on this update, cross your fingers!

Hopefully we can hop on tonight

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Man, you’re my hero! I’ve been playing for 2 hours without any freeze. Thank you so much!


really hoping for this issue to be fixed asap

Worked for me too. No crashes after ~10 games. Smooth enough, running at ~75fps with occasional hiccups. Not ideal but playable.

Doing these exact instructions has worked for me so far. -thread 2 looks to be irrelevant though since it works both with and without, but -thread 2 only doesn’t work.

Sadly I can only reach a non consistent 45 fps because of my old config, but you guys should definitely give it a go, if the upcoming update doesn’t solve the issue.

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Being using it for a few hours already and also made a post reccomending it earlier. To me it works 100%.

didn’t work for me tried it multiple times

its not working for me in training room its taking longer but it does crash.
—tank_WorkerThreadCount 2
-threads 2

-threads 2 looks more similar on cpu3 to that of cpu0 but on --tank cpu3 throttles i think but i am on a laptop,
will try later

I have the exact same specs as you, if the mainetance doesn’t solve anything i will try it

Doesn’t work for me either, it’s weird as i was able to play the game just fine before but it started to freeze as soon as the music starts playing

maintnace time updated it

I tried it and it’s working for me for 2 hours and without any crashes, it has FPS drops to 20 but it doesn’t crash.  and

My game freezes on old and new maps, practice range too. :frowning: