Game Found! But then it says... 🤔

Error starting game, trying again.


Ditto. Happened several times now.


I am seeing multiple reports within the last few minutes…

UPDATE: Blizzard is now investigating, if you wish to help please head for this thread in the Technical Support Forum and follow the instructions by Blizzard Support Agent Drakuloth:


I’m having same issues…

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Same here. Something’s up.

Could be that post your forwarded to BlizzardHacks became general knowledge, because it was posted on Reddit.

Software caught a bug/virus?

Sorry I had to…

Most likely server instability, Blizzard has denied any instability as of this moment though.

Smart to maybe move this thread to #technical-support?

yep same here its only on comp too

After restarting I got into a game and had 350 ping instead of my usual 30. Also on Mystery Heroes

Don’t worry about it System. I am seeing multiple threads. At this point, I am presuming a system wide issue and have reached out where appropriate.

Alright i see, i’m an EU player after all so i don’t think it’s happening here.

CS has replied that they’re taking a look at it as of this moment.

Did anybody experience lag? I was in a match just now and rubberbanding like crazy, but nobody else had the same problem.

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That is helpful information.

Oh okay, i’ll start up my game.

270 ms

couldnt aim or hit anything

got it a couple of times - Australia here.

just had this happen to me

All games have been on pse servers so far and I’m getting ~130 ping

Restarting the game did not help. It might be something serverside that is causing the games to fail to initiate.

I can get into the Deathmatch waiting rooms just fine but I can’t get into the actual games.

Also I am East Coast USA.