Game Found! But then it says... 🤔

Could be that post your forwarded to BlizzardHacks became general knowledge, because it was posted on Reddit.

Software caught a bug/virus?

Sorry I had to…

Most likely server instability, Blizzard has denied any instability as of this moment though.

Smart to maybe move this thread to #technical-support?

yep same here its only on comp too

After restarting I got into a game and had 350 ping instead of my usual 30. Also on Mystery Heroes

Don’t worry about it System. I am seeing multiple threads. At this point, I am presuming a system wide issue and have reached out where appropriate.

Alright i see, i’m an EU player after all so i don’t think it’s happening here.

CS has replied that they’re taking a look at it as of this moment.

Did anybody experience lag? I was in a match just now and rubberbanding like crazy, but nobody else had the same problem.

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That is helpful information.

Oh okay, i’ll start up my game.

270 ms

couldnt aim or hit anything

got it a couple of times - Australia here.

just had this happen to me

All games have been on pse servers so far and I’m getting ~130 ping

Restarting the game did not help. It might be something serverside that is causing the games to fail to initiate.

I can get into the Deathmatch waiting rooms just fine but I can’t get into the actual games.

Also I am East Coast USA.

Europe Netherlands, no issues here at all!

My ping has also been spiking for no reason but its fine in other games. Only started happening today oddly enough

US West, been getting both rubberbanding AND error strting game messages.

Blizzard has responded and is investigating.

UPDATE: WinMTR tests are no longer required. The problem is localized and Blizzard is quickly working to correct it!

Game found but stuck on menu, chat still working but then get kicked out from inactivity and get suspended from comp. Internet working fine, ran booting and routing 14 times still same, 3 times this week and got 2 hour suspension.