Game feels choppy no matter what i try


I usually have 120-200fps tried to lock it at 120fps and it still feels weird and i have almost tried 100 games on this PC!

Does this game feel slow or choppy for anybody else?!?

CPU and GPU never reach above 72C when playing this game. i5 4690k at 4.2 RAM Overclocked to 2000Mhz and everything is on an SSD. GPU GTX 970.


No, but it’s possible you’re having a problem with your overclocked RAM, as I’ve seen this issue pop up before. It could also be that you’re playing on too high of settings for the 970, but you didn’t mention any of your settings to confirm. There’s a guide for maximizing performance if you want to take a look: GUIDE: Maximizing System Performance for Overwatch (PC)