Game error due to which my rating points were taken away

Let’s start with the fact that I’m very angry right now because I spend a lot of time on ranked matches. Last season I played a rating match and then the server fell for all 12 players, I went to look at the social media groups about this problem. And as it turned out, not only for me, it happened for many players. My team won but after servers fell I was given a ban for abandoned matches and removed 70+ - rating points. I expected them to be returned to me, but they were not returned. I already forgot this situation and calmed down, but again problems with your servers. Today the match did not start due to some kind of server error. Then the match did not start due to the fact that the player from the enemy team could not connect to the match. And after I went to the next matches, after 20 seconds as we started the game I was simply thrown out of the game and when I went back the match was canceled and I was banned from rating matches and my rating points were taken away (I can’t remember how many). just give me my 23+ - rating points that I lost because of you

All technical issues will result in penalties. Please stop attempting to immediately queue for Competitive when you first encounter a problem. Yesterday, there was a DDoS attack which may have affected your connection to the Overwatch game service. This is something that neither you or Blizzard can control of course, but even in these cases, penalties cannot and will not be reversed. Please see this official post for details:

so if this is a server error and not my fault then why should I get a fine? It turns out that you are violating the user agreement