Game crashing repeatedly after Storm Rising update

Ever since the update I keep getting disconnected from server, then have to wait in a 5000 queue to get back in, only to have it happen again. The first time I tried doing Storm Rising I got disconnected half-way through, leaving the rest of the team with no healer. After getting back in I queue’d up for Storm Rising again, and this time I got disconnected right before the intro cut-scene ended. This keeps happening over and over again. I really don’t want to keep trying and then screw over the people in there with me by leaving them down a player when I inevitably get d/c again :frowning: Please fix this! It looks like I’m not the only one this is happening to. Ever since the update I see quite a few people on my friends lists joining/leaving OW repeatedly.

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same. got the ‘server error/lost’ message multiple times while playing the storm rising event. I stopped playing and went back to Apex until a fix comes through.

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DC’d from a ranked match and couldn’t rejoin once I relogged. Happened to someone else on my team last match too. You owe me ~50 elo Blizzard…


Thanks for your reports! There were some known issues with crashes and disconnected for a bit that have since been resolved now. A Training vs Co-op could be tested for a few rounds before moving forward in Quickplay or Competitive just to ensure there’s no underlying issues.

It’s definitely a frustrating issue to run into, especially when ranked matches are involved. And we have seen some reports with matches that were almost won or won being kicked back to the menu screen without any changes to SR, it’s pretty rare for these issues to occur with the server. Our forum post about technical issues and SR/Penalty concerns goes through in detail over these issues and concerns.

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This doesn’t really address OP’s concern. . . . What about the storm rising update constantly kicking players from the game?