Game crashing randomly at the end of the game


So for some time now, my game has been crashing at the start of a POTG video or at the end of each match (After you get to see each of your medals).

I dont know how it triggers and the game/PC does not tell me what exactly crashed.

I updated all my drivers and whatnot and even installed the new Razer App since I bought a new mouse (There is a thread here saying the app crashed the game).

Please help, it only happens with Overwatch. Heroes of The Storm doesn’t crash.


If you check your Windows Event Viewer app under system logs, what does the error for Overwatch say? Any gpu errors nearby it?


Hi Nicole!

the error message I get is “Your rendering device has been lost.” when the game crashes.

I never get anything like this except in Overwatch.


Okay, here is some info on why this happens, and how to prevent it. Basically, two things are trying to connect to your GPU at the same time, or taking access to it in preference to your game. Known Technical Support Issues