Game Crashing for no reason

I have just lost 50sr and am banned for 10mins due to the game crashing and instantly rejoining. this happens alot not just to me but to my team mates and friends, it isn’t an internet problem my connection stayed fine. Normally i find it mildly annoying as a loose alt charge and stats but it rarelyt throws the game. This time it occured early enough that the game was cancelled and hence i got punished.
In short im saying blizzard please fix your game

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Crashing is no fun and I understand that you are frustrated. But there could be a variety of reasons why you are crashing whether it be something with your computer, your internet connection, or in extremely rare cases with Blizzard’s services. Regardless of where and why, we need to figure out how.

Your post does not provide enough of a description for me to give any recommendations specific to your issue. so if you can provide more details to the nature of your crash including what symptoms do you see and any error code messages. That could at least be a start.

I also recommend posting these details in the technical support forum and not in the competitive discussion forum. This way, players who can help you, such as myself, and of course Blizzard support agents will be able to see these posts and be able to provide advice. Finally please make sure you do any common troubleshooting steps.

If you are having straight up crashes, check this guide first:

As a friendly reminder all this connections in all crashes counts as leaving the game. This is because there is no way to tell the difference between a legitimate crash or disconnection, versus one that could be artificially created by a player in an attempt to bypass leaver penalties. Learn more about this policy here:

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what generally happens during the crash is the players all freeze but myself then im put back to the home screen i click rejoin game then it goes to a lost connection to server screen then in about a second i go strait back to the main menu screen click rejoin and join back
the reason i say it happens to a lot of people is that i see many people as often as every other game people will leave and rejoin in around 20 seconds.

i realise the need for a penalty and endorse it. just fustating wen i dc and then come back as the timer 3, 2, 1 then ends the game

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Not to try and say you are wrong, but I personally never have this issue. Are you running older hardware possibly? Maybe some driver’s may be old or it could be your actual connection?

Okay, this is a pure disconnection on your end. When the game client can no longer communicate with the game server, the game appears to freeze and holds the last known position of all other players, looking like they are running in place. Then within a few seconds, you are kicked to the title screen with the message “Lost Connection to the Server”.

It is not likely a problem with specifically your computer, but possibly your router, ISP, or somewhere in between. This troubleshooting guide will prove more helpful:

This leads me to think that it is the router. as in in uni halls and only started having this problem once i came to uni- same stories for my friends in uni.
is there anything i can do about this bare in mind my friends also experiencing this are in different unis leading me to think its an issue that occurs with the unis servers

Chances are not likely. I personally don’t recommend playing multiplayer online games on such a network. The basic rules of how networking works is that the more traffic you have on a local area network, the slower it performs. Furthermore, regulated networks like those in a university is subjected to restrictive firewalls and router resets, which does not affect most applications those routers are intended for, but it makes playing online games a pain in the rear.

Shame i have no choice atm but to use the uni network or nothing this year.
Thanks for the help

i have been having the same problem for a month or 2 done all the things the blizzard tech support says yet still randomly the game decides to freeze and crash to desktop nothing happens before hand it is just instant. computer is only about 6 months old and all up to date never have a problem with any other game and never had a problem when i first installed overwatch. i also rarely loose sr from this as it usually happens mid game and the frequency is random. it could not do it for a week and then i could do it once a day. but just now it occurred as we capped the final point for a win and i have a ban and lost sr. also not a connection problem as i have experienced this with multiple different connections.