Game crashing ever since patch


Ever since the Ashe update my game tends to crash when I alt-tab. I got banned for 2 hours for “leaving” and lost a lot of SR. I can’t fix this issue by simply not alt-tabbing because I need to switch music, respond to messages etc.


Hello DeadlyKitten!

Sorry to hear you’re having issues when alt-tabbing… this can be due to issues with the video driver, so I’d check that first:

Updating Your Drivers and Operating System

Additionally, in-game, check your video settings. If you’re running the game in a fullscreen mode, please try borderless windowed instead. That should be less ‘disruptive’ for alt-tabbing between game and desktop.


This made things worse, ironically
Before I could at least tab out the game and close it via task manager now I cant even do that anymore, the game doesnt allow me to go back to my desktop when it happens

Running borderless instead of fullscreen now. Seems to work out but I was playing in fullscreen for a reason and Id prefer to be able to keep playing in fullscreen


I’ve been having the same issue, and also only since the latest patch. My drivers are updated. I really hate running in borderless for performance reasons and would like it if there was a fix for this.


Same here, just happened to me, luckily I was in Qp, never had this happen before, went to alt tab and game froze entirely, couldn’t even ctrl+alt+delete.


DId you guys update to the latest Nvidia drivers? I’m curious if that might be the issue, I’m rolling mine back to the previous to see if that fixes it.


Yeah, I was having this issue before I updated, then updated and restarted and same deal.

FYI for anyone having this issue, if you have two monitors but the window for Overwatch is covering the task manager when you ctrl+alt+delete, you can move the task manager to your second monitor like this:

  • Shift + right click the task manager icon on the task bar
  • Click “Move”
  • Push left/right once on the keyboard
  • Without clicking, you should be able to move the task manager with your mouse to your second monitor.


i got suspended for 2 hours because i can’t get to rejoin my competitive game , and it keep showing failed to join server . what is this guys i paid to buy this game and end up after the patch i got suspended