Game crashes on start

A week ago i plugged in my second monitor, and since then no matter how many times ive uninstalled, repaired, deleted game settings, updated drivers, uninstalled Razer…It still crashes to a black screen on start.

Have you removed the second monitor at all?

If removing the second monitor helps, first make sure the monitor is plugged into a port that uses your graphics card and not on-board memory graphic chipset. (See picture as an example).

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Yeah they’re both connected to the graphics card and i’ve tried going back to one monitor with both the old one and new one.

Can you add your DxDiag for troubleshooting?

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Here’s the pastebin.


Problem signature:
P1: Overwatch.exe
P3: 5fb6ec03
P4: RzChromaSDK64.dll_unloaded

Probably related to the Razer Chroma issue mentioned in the pinned threads:

Thank you so much! It was those leftover files.

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Awesome, glad we figured it out :slight_smile:

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