Game crashes causing leaver penalties and deranking

Help!!! Game keeps crashing on Switchlite and I am being banned from comp. This is NOT my fault!!! I spend money with you and I am not happy at all. I am tired of my game crashing mid game and then I am penalized for it!!!

Also, I should NOT be penalized when others quit playing, leaving a 4v5 scenario!!! How can I have 1 or more members of my team leave and then I derank because of losing even after the red penalty notification box disappears???Meanwhile, I have a 8 hour ban from comp going on because the game completely crashed when the last round was almost done and I couldn’t get back fast enough to rejoin the match. So stupid. So so stupid! Correct these issues before I give up on Blizzard. I am so frustrated!!

Blizzard cash cow for years… Roman

Search the forum for your issue before posting. You can turn off the kill cam to stop crashing. There is no current ETA on the fix, per the post from the staff.

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