Game crashed, for the like 10th time

im getting really frustrated now. my game keeps crashing whether it be mid match or end of queue when it finds a game. Sometimes there an error window, other times there isnt. Usually my game just freezes and i need to basically restart my computer. Why does this keep happening? i have a bunch of penalty now even if i never actually played the game. Like right when the voice says “joining dorado” Then it crashes, i get penalty.

When i crash midgame, relog, and rejoin match, i still get penalty, wtf is this.
This has happened all in the span of the past 3 days.


It happens to me too. My PC didn’t crash in this monday, but after that I got more regular crashes.
Nothing is fixed, even though I scan & repair OW2, update my Nvidia Driver to the latest (& restart my PC), clearing memory spaces (e.g deleting old files, clips).
My GPU temperature is around 72 degree Celsius.

Same here, clearing memory space, repairing ow2, updated drivers, closing all applications while game is running, nothing works, it just keeps randomly crashing.

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I wonder if it’s possibly related to current Hog’s event.

I don’t dare to touch Comp now. Even QP/Arcade, I’m closing to penalty for leaving in mid-games.

I’m also crashing constantly. I can’t even get into the practice range or stay in the menu screen for too long. Once it starts loading a map or if I stay on the menu screen for more than a minute, the entire game freezes. The music continues to play in the back for a bit before stopping eventually. I’ve had to restart my computer over and over again.

I’ve also tried all the proposed solutions with updating drivers, uninstalling and reinstalling OW2 + Blizzard launcher. I’m not sure what the next steps are to be honest.


Also experiencing this, if the game doesnt crash then it doesnt load at all

EDIT: I got mine working. When I tried updating my graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060) through Windows, it said that I had the latest driver. When I tried through NVIDIA GeForce Experience, lo and behold, a driver awaited me.

I’m in the same boat here. Never had issues with Crashes in OW2 but suddenly since yesterday the game is unplayable because it freezes randomly and never recovers. Sometimes it’s on the login screen, sometimes it’s in the queue, and once I managed to get about 20 seconds of gameplay in (backfill) but as soon as the round ended the game froze again.

Tried uninstalling, restarting, updating drivers/OS, nothing. No other apps are having any similar issues.

I have managed to fix this for those watching over this. Beside updating Nvidia drivers, i also uninstalled blizzard and overwatch and reinstalled them. Then i also uninstalled razor chroma and most of its modules. I also removed a pair of ram cards i had added in that said they were working. I dont know exactly which one fixed it, but it fixed it.

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