Game crashed, dropped my endorsement and took sr

I was playing competitive and from the very start multiple people were lagging. Suddenly I was removed from the game and it said there was some sort of server error/disconnection. It brought me to home screen where the “rejoin” button was but I couldn’t click it. I had to shut down the game and restart to rejoin, and when I did I saw that two people from our team and three from the other were gone for the same reason. The remaining players finished the game; our team won, likely because of the numbers advantage, but upon looking at my sr, I realized that I had DROPPED. I would understand not gaining any because of the unusual circumstance, but to dock me sr for a server error? Ouch. It also dropped my endorsment level.

Is there any way to prevent this in the future? Am I going to get my sr and level back?

They have a sticky addressing that they do not reward SR back to anyone.

Also, you can’t be sure if the disconnection was caused by Blizzard, a connection point that you and other players are accessing, or your ISP. There are too many variables so they apply one rule set to everyone.

I’ve been disconnected multiple times and loss SR for it. I still think they should leave it. I would rather get a few mistakes and lose some SR, than have anyone who left a game intentionally and came back to taunt people or whatever be rewarded back their SR because it could have looked unintentional.

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