Game Crash Ban is not fair

If your game crashes during a competitive game, you get a 10 minute ban and you lose SR. I don’t think that’s fair, because you haven’t left the game.

My solution would be to use the crash report as verification that you haven’t left the game. Then you could omit the ban and the SR penalty.


And every time i was losing a game i wold just reboot my PC
It would crash the game and I wouldnt lose anything

Who cares how it affects my team mates… as long as i dont suffer

Great Idea


“My solution would be to use the crash report as verification”

By that I mean if you don’t send the crash report you won’t get your SR back. You have to submit the crash report so that the error can be evaluated.


I had to stop playing Comp because of a “your rendering device has been lost” bug that Blizzard wouldnt fix and AMD had to release new drivers for. TOOK A YEAR. Blizzard gives no craps and all i can say if fix the issue before touching Comp.

This does not matter, even if you get the Blizzard Crash Handler to appear, the penalty always stands. Unfortunately all disconnections and game crashes counts as leaving the match and will be penalized appropriately. The game server has no way to discern a legitimate disconnection or game crash from one that is forcefully caused by a dishonest player to bypass leaver penalties. You can learn about this policy here:

Need a game pause or something. Had several times Overwatch just closes. No error message. Just bam gone. Usually this happens just at the start of the match before we even start.

Really would be nice if there was some error or message to find out why this is happening, maybe this is 1 out of 30 games(or more) but to lose SR and 10 mins on ban competitive play.

Been looking but found no error messages anywhere. Overwatch starts right back up but cant rejoin the match. Maybe this take all of 4 seconds and the match has not even started.

Is it Blizzard fault that your PC is trash? How should the Server know that your PC crashed and you just didnt pull the plug? Same goes for disconnects. Those problems are for YOU to fix and not Blizzard. But when the server itself crashes or kicks you because of what reason, you shouldnt be suspended or get -SR because that was not your fault and there is NO WAY for you to prevent what happened.

It doesn’t hurt you if you get back in time. I got the dreaded server disconnect bug today but made it back and held the second point. Game ended as a draw. No SR gain or loss. Still got my golden gun points though :slight_smile:

wait so it crashed and you stayed in the game ?
No you left the game, you got leaver penalty.

@WymoningMist Why did my reply get deleted? That makes this all so much worse.