Game continues to crash, help, I just wanna play overwatch


It keeps crashing at random times, sometimes hours after launch, sometimes minutes. and in game, title screen, etc… Tried multiple solutions, Help me Blizzard peeps!
Here is my error code.



When you are crashing to where the Blizzard Crash Handler app appears, this is often due to outdated drivers or a conflicting program. Please follow these steps first if you have not already.

If nothing helps, please go ahead and start a web ticket and share those crash errors in the ticket. Please also remember to add your system files so that Blizzard can learn about your computer quickly.

Obtaining System Files:

Starting a web ticket:


Hey, Naviette!

We have recently been tracking a trend. If you wouldn’t mind testing out something. Temporarily uninstall Avast and let us know if the crashes stop:

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