Game constantly freezes and loses connection to server

After the most recent update there seems to be a few issues with Mystery Heroes

  • Whilst in the middle of a game, the characters will all freeze multiple times
  • When in a game, you're shown the 'game found' banner at the top and then taken out of the current game
  • The game periodically keeps 'losing connection to the server'

This sounds like a connection issue between you and Blizzard, coincidentally happening around the same time as the update. You could try the connection troubleshooting and if it doesn’t work, make a new thread in the appropriate forum (Tech Support, not this one), with network test results.

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Hi Nicole

Thanks for the reply. I thought this is was a bug as other players confirmed in the team chat that they were experiencing the same issue.

What’s odd if that I’ve just played again today and it all seems fine. Perhaps it was due to a connection issue. I’ll keep an eye on it.