Game closes with no crash report

game closes with no crash report.
all driver are updated.
tried turning off all background application still happens.
it’s been doing this since hammond was released.

while i’m at it sometime when i tab out my game switches from full screen to windowed mode. and when i switch it back my input such as mouse clicks isn’t recognized.

Generally a crash is related to a driver issue, or a hardware failure. I would make sure to do a clean wipe of the drivers with a utility like DDU, and I then I would make sure Windows is up to date.

Blizzard also has a sticky with other tips you can try. If you don’t have luck after completing all of the steps, then you should post the requested dxdiag here.

DxDiag: (link broken have to copy paste)
it didn’t fully close the window but it did minimize it for no reason which makes me think the problem is probably still there (as that has been happening a lot too). even if the problem is slightly different having your game minimize randomly is still annoying as hell.

Just realized this is a duplicate thread.

Researched your issue. Something is stealing focus on your system, it’s not a problem with Overwatch. This could be the utility that tries to install Microsoft Office in the background, it could be Akamai NetSession, malware, … it could be so many things. Save yourself some time and download Window Focus Logger (it’s a free app), and it will tell you exactly what process is forcing the active Window to change. Good luck.

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ok this look very much like a virus something called “installer_no_upload_silent” is what is doing it. i already tried anti-virus scan so i need to remove it manual somehow i think. that or it’s not actually a virus and its just something else stupid with a really odd name

is this by chance a Lenovo computer? That is part of Akamai, but it’s possible it has been infected by a virus too. I would try removing the exe anyway because it’s just a peer-to-peer client for sharing computer updates and uses a significant amount of bandwidth by nature.

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i uninstall it and everything seems fine since. No it’s not a lenovo it’s a custom build. thanks a ton for the help.