Game bug during match start up

So for the FIRST time in awhile I was actually enjoying myself and winning a few games in comp. Que’d up for another and the game literally broke, not allowing me to choose a hero. Then timed me out for inactivity. THEN upon trying to rejoin, failed cause I was suspended for leaving a comp match, which wasn’t my fault in the first place. Devs, yall really need to fix the connectivity in these servers, you’re pushing away people ENJOYING the product…

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I’ve been getting the bug since i think the release of overwatch 2.
gotten 3 times already this season

load into game only to see a random part of the map, often in the floor
can hear audio and game chat, but cannot select a hero

then kicked for inactivity

same issue reported may 2023

Same issue happened to me, posted once before, on my second suspension for an hour because of this issue