Game blackscreen than close by itself

i can’t even open the thing , my game which was perfectly fine last night decided that today i dont get to play. 1 fraction of seconds after being open blackscreen/close by itself i tried :
-repair(didnt work)
-what that razor chroma thing (i had all my razor gear mouse/headset/keyboard ever since i started playing overwatch and it was never an issue … or ur actualy asking me to uninstal my keyboard which is pretty retard how am i gonna play ??)
-i did the delete cache thing too didnt work
-i even tried to open the .exe file (bypass the laucher) as administrator and it didnt work either . so problem is not in the laucher ,something is wrong with the game itself

im out of idea and i’m a lil bit piss off because overwatch is my ‘‘moment of relaxation’’ after a day of work and today i can’T have it

I have the same issue!

Hello gang!

If you have any Razer apps installed, it is important to try uninstalling them all. The apps are not necessary for your peripherals to function, only for additional features such as game-specific profiles and light patterns.

please try uninstalling any of the following that you have installed:

  • Razer Chroma
  • Razer Cortex
  • Razer Synapse
  • Razer Wizard

Note that some of these programs share background processes, so we do have to try with a clean slate.

Best of luck in your adventures :slight_smile:

Same issue here, I did everything the forums say, from deleting all razor products, to disabling background applications to determine the issue but nothing so far. I also deleted the cache and nothing yet.

I’ve been having the same problem for almost a week now. I’ve deleted the all the Razer files, scanned and repaired, uninstalled all the overwatch files and reinstalled, I’ve deleted the and reinstalled and to no avail. If someone finds a solution, please help. Thank you.

Ok so recently I found this tab in the overwatch forums and it actually fixed my game. I came back hoping it would solve your problems as well because the feeling of seeing overwatch run again after a couple weeks was awesome.

The link: Known Technical Support Issues - Updated Oct 13, 2021 - #16 by Drakuloth
basically I just downloaded synapse 3 and it ran after booting it up again. Please give it a try. Good luck!