Game Black Screens and Crashes from Launcher - Tried uninstalling Drivers but no fix

SO from what I’ve pieced together on these forums is that Razer is awful and there is a bug that causes that issue, or it’s on behalf of the video drivers having a conflict between versions.

I haven’t played in about a month and there are only 2 things I have done differently compared to months prior - Got a new Logitec Keyboard and thus threw out my Razer one (and deleted the software) and updated windows and everything that needed updating on my PC, including BIOS.

This is the only game that crashes, however from what I’ve noticed is that a few other games ramp my CPU up to 100% when launching.

So I’ve tried doing the DDU process and reinstalling my drivers but no luck.


If you’re still seeing the black screens, you may have some remnants of the Synapse software. The specific files you may need to hunt down are included in this post:

If you continue to experience issues beyond removing those, please add a DxDiag here :slight_smile:

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Had to do the Manual steps.