Gained only 14sr the first match after placements

Placements went 4-1, have been playing with plats all day, but still got placed 2444. Won the next game and kind of expected to get into plat. That is because on another diamond account I gained around 100-150sr the next few matches after placements, which is logical, since the game tries to adjust your actual skill rating, but…

Is gold not included into that free sr gain or something?

I know about the “if the game expects you to win you earn less and vice versa” but I think it’s still kinda unreasonable for gold to be any different than others ranks.

There are a lot of different things than can affect SR changes. I go over them at How Competitive Matchmaking and Rating Works (Season 20). Getting 100-150 SR sounds like you are on a new account, or an account you have not played in very long time. That is caused by MMR/SR uncertainty, and goes away quickly as you continue to play. I’m not sure about the 14 SR. Did you have a leaver on the enemy team? That could do it.

Ah, actually, yes. They had a leaver at the end of the match, and a second person left almost right away. Makes sense, but damn 14sr PepeHands

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