GabeN started to ban smurfs in dota

17k accounts were deleted. Took him only 5 years to start. Envy.


Given Blizzard’s lightning speed track record, they’ll start at the 10 year mark…


Dota is free, no? Overwatch is not.

For those who need more clarification here is a news article:

In terms of Overwatch, I feel it is important to remind players that owning an alternate account is permitted as long as you are playing to your best ability to gain to your expected skill level. Throwing or boosting accounts for any reason is not permitted.

Source: Serious question: Is smurfing cheating?

By my personal definition a “smurf” is having any account that you use to deliberately play below your actual rank often in a matter to throw matches but still find ways to outplay and frustrate both team allies and opponents.


He didn’t ban smurf.
He reset all of their ranks.

And judging by how the system works in Dota, they will be back after finishing their 10 placement games.

And to added a bit more info, Dota 2 Competitive now has SMS lock, number of games played in order to play comp.
Smurfs and boosters still exist.