Furry OW players?

my ps4 hasnt been touched ever since OW came out its a tragedy

its only a dvd player now

I wish I had a PC but it took me way too long to save up for the PS4, no way I could afford a PC. Guess that’s how it goes when you’re 16 making 9 bucks an hour lol

DVD…what is this ancient technology you speak of?

Nah I’m kidding, I grew up on boom boxes and VCR even though they died out before I was born

rip my dude, id say try a laptop that can run it but mine was like 900,-

i needed a good model to run PS anyway

You me and jake should find a way to talk more, you guys are really chill

do you have discord? ill add you

I have a pc but it’s really bad, it took 3 hours to update. But I’m going to try to play paladins on it to see what’ll happen, and how my computer will react


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added! just pop me a message i’m usually online always lol

Cant talk on it now cause my phones almost dead but I can after work

Dude let’s make a group chat

I’m really new to discord, I’m more used to kik than anything else

The conversation I was just havin with jake and robin? That’s literally what furries do. Talk about interests, make discord groups, and joke around. Innocent…Not Creepy.

I hate that because I have that voice too, and it makes me so upset for so many reasons.

Like, it’s not a “gay” voice, its just a voice, but people still assume that about me, which makes it worse as I actually am gay, and then people who guess “right” think they have some sort of magic gaydar (like most of their best friends aren’t probably LGBT+ too and just too ashamed to let it show) but I shouldn’t be upset cause I have a right to be gay and have The Voice anyway and arrrrrrggggggh I hate people >.<

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i’ll see you there!!

I’ve heard straight people with the voice too. Like I’m talkin people that would talk about gettin chicks all the time and stuff. It ain’t just a gay thing.

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Honestly I don’t hate my voice, I joke a lot with it and try to make people laugh with it

I do that with the furry thing sometimes too, and I make d$ck sucking jokes sometimes too. My friends call me f@gg too cause they know I don’t care lol

I kind of hate it, which makes me sad because I KNOW that’s internalised homophobia but still :frowning: It’s nice you don’t hate urs.

@Dimse see I’ve always thought this, nice to know they exist haha

I thought PS4 has Community groups for each of their games, though the best place to check are various subreddit groups/Discord groups that share your interests (Be that furry or otherwise)

Communities on PS4 might be hit-and-miss, since I’d only used it for a couple select games (Overwatch wasn’t one of them)