Furry christmas


Since when does wearing an animal inspired outfit constitute being a furry?
Is Reaper a furry now for having a Plague Doctor skin?
Is Reinhardt a furry for having animal motifs on his armor on some of his skins?
Is Hanzo a furry for having a costume that has fur pelts in it?

Boys and girls if this reminds you of furries then I don’t think you’ve met any actual fur-suit wearing, ERP’ing, Yiff-party having, outcast from society furs like you lot are complaining about.


Hi, Pip main here. Take a wild guess at what we all share in common? XD


Pepper is…furry. Viktor has a wolf skin


LMAFO its funny how something gets cutesy animal features and all the ignorant haters start calling “FURRY” when just by that claim alone they dont know know what really defines a furry…

you have every right to dislike the skins… but to sit and make bigoted ignorant statements based upon your lack of understanding… well your only making yourself look foolish and ignorant :confused:


What? No, he’s a human.


I just dont agree with the lucio skin aesthetic.
it’s not even the foxtail dreads or the cat ears, i just hate the design/ shape of the armour/suit overall.
Each ‘piece’ looks like it was made by a different person.


They showed like only 2 out of probably 6. And they arent even Furry to begin with… Zarya looks like 5 year old on her first ski trip and Lucio… Well he looks like DJ with Fox motive. Or Sonic character.

Both are pretty meh for me I will wait for more.


Why do I think that D.va made Lúcio´s skin ?

Lúcio : it´s nice, but my logo is a frog, not a fox

D.va : well I quess, I have to take it back then

Lúcio : NOOOOO!!! I mean… I can wear it if it makes you happy
( I am not gonna tell her that fox is my favourite animal )


they are terrible for him.


They aren’t the best skins but they certainly aren’t “furry” skins

I hope the other new legendarys are better.

im hoping for a gingerbread bastion and a snowman Hammond.


I like the zarya skin a bit and the lucio skin looks really bad, I hope symmetra gets a skin but without this robotic-animal theme.


furry is anthropomorphized animals.

not animal themed suits.

for example if an animal that can walk and talk like humans is a furry.
a human in a animal suit is not a furry.

people who dress up in fursuits don’t think themselves to be people in animal suits, they think themselves to be actual animals with the ability to talk sometimes.

the closest to furry in overwatch is winston.


Oh my God, people don’t actually know what a furry is. No wonder everyone’s so against furries.


Just gotta love how people get their heads twisted around when there is a skin that’s a bit “outside the norm” :stuck_out_tongue:


Trust me, I know. I associate with them on an almost daily basis. I used an extremist example, but the majority of people here that shout “Ew furry” make me doubt they’ve ever actually in contact with one.


As a furry, I disagree


Personally I don’t really like Lucio, but the skins don’t seem that bad. As for Mercy… I have bad news for you.


God I hope so, gotta round out the nutcracker crew


After the latest skin reveal I’d say it’s a definite.


they not furry skins. furies are humans mixed with animals looks and traits making them more like a werewolf or were something. its more than just having animals ears and a tail which is more neko than furry. they are still not furry because the animal related thing is not part of their body, its a clothing item. its like getting a headband with ears or a horn, it doesn’t make you a furry by doing that. plus blizzard choose to instead of just making skins that are around Santa and elf’s, they are also doing skins around winter things such as winter animals like polar bears and antarctic foxes.