Funny Things While Playing OW


I want to hear some Silly/Dumb/Funny things you’ve done while playing OW. This could be voice line combos, using emotes in an odd way, things that happen during a match, whatever.

I’ll go first. Things I’ve done recently as Repear:

  1. Spam “I’m Back in Black” voice line while wearing Wight skin. I find it, ironically, amusing.

  2. Say “Seen a Ghost” voice line while wearing Wight skin. I just find this funny due to white sheet/Casper joke of it and such

  3. Use “Slow Clap” emote while in Paris (Attack side) while watching Luna sing


I once made friends with an enemy Mercy. Her team had died and she was stuck behind enemy lines, and we just started spamming “hello” and squatting at each other…

Until Rein came out of left field and pinned her right in front of me.

It was in my top 10 anime betrayals


I once had an unwritten truce with a Winston in Mystery FFA. I spawned as Brig and the first enemy I came across was the Winston. Both knowing that such fights are kinda pointless we just said hello and left again. I think we met like 10 times throughout the game (until we both eventually died) and each time just said hello and further ignored each other.

EDIT: something else that works surprisingly well on payload maps: I call it the ‘running Soldier’ strategy; with sprint on, run circles around the payload and spam the ‘stay frosty’ voice line


I like to spam symmetra’s “cause for celebration!” voiceline whenever my team is losing.
it makes me laugh but it probably annoys my team mates.