Funny Speculation in Junkenstein lore

I’d like to “fantasize” a bit about the Junkenstein / Bride’s Wrath lore. Ok, it’s not canonical but… it would be funny to be able to specify some lore based links in its universe.

  • The swordsman and the archer could be those narrated in the legend of the Shimada told by Sojiro Shimada in the cinematic Dragons;
  • The detective investigates the Outlaw after hearing conflicting statements from the Soldier, who in a voice line said he would help the Outlaw after the night against Junkenstein.
  • Symmetra’s “Conjurer” skin may contain a fun speculation of her human form before she sold her soul to the Dragon realm;
  • The monster might be in love with the Bride, but she rejected him in favor of Doctor Junkenstein.
  • The banshee may have been an ancient teacher of the Witch, before the latter betrayed her by killing her and stealing her power of immortality.
  • Imagining the Halloween terror 2018 trailer as canon, one could imagine that the Countess’ mansion was raided by Doctor Junkenstein and he used it to bring the Bride to life. This could also be a nice connection to the bride and the banshee, while the soldier could be a guest of the Countess who had by then been corrupted by the vampire or the Doctor’s experiments.