Fun and balanced

Wrong, it’s the repetitive nerfs that have been going ever since the beginning of the rework that have made her kit less and less fun over time, now they’re nerfing her main kit such as her healing all because the rework and solo ress was a complete mess and overpowered, and as i said it could be a ability.


I think Valk as an ability would feel kinda forced. The LoS changes and stuff aren’t necessary either.

In order for mass rez to comeback, you would need to figure out a way to make it so Mercy used it in case multiple teammates died, not purposefully let her teammates die. The second type of playstyle was the problem.

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Hide and ress was more so a made up problem, many characters hide before they ult, do you expect a reaper to stand in the open before he ults for example.

And valkyrie seems like it would make a far better ability because it doesn’t revive people from the dead, solo ress was the forced one.

And it’s usually the teammates who tell the mercy that they should let them die on the point for a big ress not the mercy’s themselves.


Hiding wasn’t the problem, hiding and letting your team die was.

It doesn’t matter who decided it would happen, what matters is that it happened.

If there is a version of mass rez where this could be avoided I would gladly ask for it’s implementation.

It wasn’t really a problem because it’s not that hard to scout for a mercy before everyone charges in, also hammond with his ult would work as a great counter presently.

But since you insist i’ll try to think of a version of mass ress that works like that in the future.

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Rez wasn’t a busted ult, nice try


I dont get why people say mercy is less fun now, like i get they changed her ult but her role and playstyle is pretty much the same 90% of the time, shes still the highly mobile hero whos sole job is to heal and try to stay alive

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How can someone’s opinion on the fun-ness of an ability be “wrong”? It’s almost as if it’s subjective

What they were wrong about was the reason why they thought people were complaining not the definition of fun for whatever ult she has.

Most of the complaints that I have seen are that Mercy has lost her impact. Now, you really pick her because she has the highest consistent healing output when before, you had picked her for Rez. Before her rework, she didn’t become a problem until Ana was nerfed and Mercy got invuln during Rez, but that wasn’t really a “Mercy” problem; it was more of a “There was no better main healer at the time” problem. I’m curious about where her state would be if Mass Rez Mercy was still around with Moira and Brigitte in the mix. I think Moira would have been able to compete with that Mercy. Or at least compete a bit better than she is now.

That’s why the Mercy mains I’ve seen are unhappy. She’s lost her impact. There really is no impact with Valk. None you can visibly see. Plus, all other healers, they have ults that massively change how they play in some way. Zen becomes invulnerable and gives 10x as much healing. Lucio gives a bunch of shields. Moira becomes DBZ and Kamehameha’s everyone; Brigitte can be a bit more aggressive and gives out more armor; and Ana focuses all her resources on the one she is enabling with Nano. Mercy does the same thing in and out of her ult. She just does it to more people in Valk and can fly.

So those are the main reasons I’ve seen why Mercy mains don’t like her current iteration. Valk is not noticeably impactful or game changing; new Rez encourages hiding more than Mass Rez did; and each consequent nerf, instead of actually lowering her pickrate, just makes her less “fun”.


They didn’t even say anything about why people were complaining. The only thing even remotely related to why players are complaining is about how lots of the Mercy spammers want her ult to be mass rez again.

But they thought everyone hated valkyrie meaning the rework essentially, i was explaining why people hate the rework itself and that the hate doesn’t necessarily come from valkyrie.

One ult bringing back the entire team sans Mercy.

Not busted

I would say you’re joking but I know you’re not.

Bringing back teammates from the dead is pretty cool. It could totally work as an ult. But I don’t think the devs really want to sadly…

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Maybe it seemed busted in your elo, but Mercy was trash tier for a long time with mass rez, so maybe look at the stats instead of what you think is happening.

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You should give Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State a read. I think Titanium offers what you’re asking for and more.


you lost me here. 50hps is fair but 60 was way too much. esp when compared to other supports. it’s just way too much

Except it isn’t? It’s been fine since she got it back in 2016.


from your perspective it is but it’s not for many others
60hps is more than ana can heal per second ignoring her reload and accuracy and while it’s less than moria she needs to recharge her healing and balance it. unlike mercy who can just straight up heal forever. her healing shouldnt out do other healers esp when she doesn’t have to compensate

Yeah but reaper and his ult are trash… And it has a lot more counters then mercys old mass rez