Full Screen Mode Dark (Cannot Play HELP)

Howdy! This just started today and I dont know what is causing it. When i start up the game it is a black screen. I have the game through battle.net. If I hit enter+alt and window it. It shows up. But I cannot play in full screen mode because it is just a black screen. I have reinstalled, updated my graphic driver, made sure windows was up to date and so far nothing has worked. I went through and closed other applications as well. I dont know what I should do next. i played OW2 yesterday and all was good.

EDIT: I reset game setting and I reset my GPU setting as well. I am out of ideas.

Are you using Razer peripherals?

Security software can cause it too.

I do not use Razer devices and I dont have those installed. I have turned off overlays, closed background programs. Tried to fix and issues with resolution settings. My security stuff is all base windows defender and firewall.

Thank you for your response. I appreciate it. Still need a solution.

Please add a DxDiag here (upload to Pastebin.com and link).

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