Frustrated Parent - Overwatch 2

Well now i guess Now I won’t hear how a 15 or less wanted to *** someone else mom.

I said nothing of the sort and the fact you’re putting words in my mouth is extremely poor forum ettiquette.

Buying/paying for something external (computer, chair, sim for 2FA) from a game does not make a game P2P and suggesting otherwise is ludicrous… :wink:

…who’s fighting? I’m just having a discussion. Some users in this thread are letting their emotions show but that’s on them… :wink:

…and that’s completely your choice to make. I was merely suggesting for people who want to play OW2 and not wait to see if Blizz loosen the phone carrier restrictions, a cheap $10 sim is a quick and easy workaround… :wink:

Of course not, that wasn’t my point. My point was that there are kids out there with phones even younger than your examples. Again, you have a right to disagree, but that doesn’t mean you’re in the majority share.

More people will come to the forums to complain than give praise. That’s just human nature. Most of the people are just enjoying the game. The percentage of people who actually even interact with the forums is a fairly insignificant number. That’s not to say feedback is irrelevant, however.

Blizzard will use data metrics to determine what is best for the game. If they see a large, unexpected drop in player activity then maybe they will change things but I doubt they will. Of course you’ll have some drop after the initial surge, as in any game.

You have the right as a consumer to not pay or play the game. You can speak with your wallet. Even in a F2P game, Blizzard still expects to turn some profit via battle pass and the shop.

i have too many friends with competitive alts whose progress are now basically erased, enough friends with prepaid plans that i can’t play with at all anymore, blizzard what are you even doing

looks at your posts throwing around lame and irrelevant opinions on what is cheap
looks at your post almost directly after, claiming you didn’t do that
Awww, if you didn’t know what backpedaling was, you should have just said that ^-^

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SMS requirment going away 10/7. Just had a dev update:

Overwatch 2 Launch Status Update - Announcements - Overwatch Forums (

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Any Overwatch player with a connected account, which includes all players who have played since June 9, 2021, will not have to provide a phone number to play. We are working to make this change and expect it to go live on Friday, October 7.


My point was peer pressure isn’t a good enough reason to make parenting decisions so you can point to all the 7 year olds in the world who have phones it won’t change my mind.

F2P games are designed to earn money, They are designed to extract as much money as possible out of as many people as possible. So… I mean yea of course they expect to make money.

But here is the thing, I’ve been very curious on feedback about the game itself. Not the queue or disconnections but actual gameplay. From what I can see its mixed at best.

I have seen an insane amount of bugs that are client side in no way related to server errors, or a so called “DDOS”. Not to mention, at best people are split 50/50 on the gameplay.

OW2’s problems are just beginning once Blizzard sorts out the connection issues. The focus will move onto gameplay itself and from the discussion’s I’ve seen it won’t be pretty. OW2 will live or die based on Blizzards handling of the game and its communication and right its doing neither well.

Well hot damn finally an update

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Bravo to blizzard for admitting their mistake and providing a timeline for a fix. My sons are very excited to be able to play this weekend!



FINALLY~! We did it!!! VICTORY!. But will there be compensation for the 3 day on no?


I wasn’t initially going to respond to anything else, but I can’t not now.

OK, for one you don’t need a chair to play, that’s stupid. It’s for comfort and most people do have one, but it is not required. 2FA is also not required to play.

For computers and accessories like keyboard and mouse. Let’s do an experiment. Play Fortnite or any other PC F2P game (except Overwatch 2) without these and see how it goes. Now play any of them without a phone and see how different it is.

So yes, paying for something that is not absolutely required to run said game is stupid and not F2P. Also as I’m sure you have seen in the thread by not, they are getting rid of SMS mostly.


This is a fair point but you also can’t dismiss the phycological damage that kids are going through that don’t have phones, even worse, an iPhone specifically. This isn’t everywhere but there are numerous cases where kids who even have Android phones are being bullied for not having an iPhone. This obviously is a much bigger issue than OW2 but just trying to give some context. You can stand firm on your parenting decisions, which I don’t disagree with to be clear, but there are cases where kids are bullied and they don’t always talk to their parents about said issues.

The DDoS stuff is a thing, you can track unusual activity spiking in the US since just a few hours before OW2 went live around 2:15pm EST. This is likely one or multiple groups who are targeting blizzard for the monetization changes.

I’m not denying there are client-side issues too, but you need to remember this is not a full-release game. This is an “Early Access” release. It’s very likely going to have bugs and driver issues for certain systems. It’s also worth noting that OW1 had client-side issues all the way through it’s release. This isn’t new. Every PC is different, there are tons of variables that can affect the game.

From everyone I know, and the various streams people seem to be enjoying the game. It’s not perfect, but its a large step forward from OW1 in my opinion.

This is ironic since not 2 minutes later they said they are mostly getting rid of SMS verification.

So blizzard implemented a fix to eliminate smurfs and in your mind they don’t even exist. Sorry, i don’t think you’re an expert on this subject.

According to who? My kids aren’t that age yet, but they will certainly not be allowed smart phones in their teens.

Well there you go, proving my point. As I said, feedback is not irrelevant. If they are seeing a large number of SMS verification failures due to how they implemented their number verification system then of course they would want to change that. I haven’t seen the change yet so I can’t specifically speak on it but I do hope it remains in some regard to prevent ban evasion and smurfing.

As I said in another post earlier, that is your right as a parent but keep in mind the social pressure your kid will go through not having one when all of their friends do. I get you don’t care about their friends or how they are parented but there are numerous cases of kids being bullied or flat out left out of social friend groups because of this exact thing.

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If that’s the only change it still isn’t super great for new players. Accepting cricket/metro or a seperate form of authentication but that might take longer to figure it out.

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Social pressure to carry around a computer in their pocket full of pornography , gore, self absorption and everything disgusting that our modern society promotes. I’ll roll the dice. No thanks.

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…just as most people have phones… :wink: