Frozen Display Now Black Screen When Starting

Haven’t been able to play the game since yesterday’s patch. It started off as the display freezing before it could connect to a server. Everything else worked fine on my computer but I couldn’t switch to any other windows. Looked around for a solution and tried the scan/repair option along with updating my graphics card. I was able to get to the main menu after that but it shortly froze again. I still had sound and I could hear game fx from moving my mouse over the menu options but nothing in the display would change. Tried reinstalling the game and now it’s a black screen whenever I try to start it. I haven’t changed any settings lately and I haven’t had a problem with the game at all until now.

I think this could be related to either the Razer Chroma issue in the sticky threads, or another overlay interfering.

Disabled my discord overlay and it seems to be working fine now. Thank you!

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