Frozen at loading screen - got suspended?

While at the “searching for game” screen for competitive I was entered into a team chat for a game I wasn’t in - they told me to reset the game and when I did there was no re-join match option, I got suspended, lost endorsement level, and I’m pretty sure lost SR.

What? Why? Can this be fixed?


We cover the our scope of support around the penalty system in the Sticky post at the top of the forums Here.

This issue really depends on what occurred. It sounds like the client was desynced from the server. This will cause you to either get stuck at the loading screen or hero select screen till you time out. The issue is most commonly caused by an unstable connection such as packet loss.

This would be a connection issue we would recommend to troubleshoot the connection before returning. You can start with the steps below:

  • Power cycle your home network’s modem and router following the steps Here.

  • Once the network and system are back online flush your DNS cache using the commands Here.

  • If you play on Wifi try a wired connection for the best experience following the steps Here or your Internet Service Provider can assist with this.

If the issue continues. Please try to capture it with a WinMTR. Since the issue occurs joining matches you can use the general IPs stated under the Overwatch drop down.

Thank you!