From PTR to Live Game options/settings request List

hello Team 4 Development team I have a list of feature requests that I would like to see possibly added into the game

these will request will most likely be in-game options/settings based for example

  • Practice range options/settings
  1. in the options menu (maybe in the sound settings) being able to turn off bot’s speech/voices
  • Custom Game Lobby/settings

being able to add AI Partners/Bots from the hero’s roster into private sessions per team slot

for example, if I wanted to practice on Ilios as Mccree and have 1 bot/AI partner like Mercy, Morie or Mei on (TEAM 2) without the need to send a custom game invite a player or groups to test out stuff

full hero roster in the add AI settings in custom game lobby settings/options

Photo mode only in custom game lobbies of course

Workshop settings/options

  • user-friendly settings/options

for example, being able to adjust character/Hero settings per map with map settings/hero tweaks

and that’s about it for me feature request list

Thank you

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