From gold to diamond in 2 days

I was stuck in like gold 1-2 for a while. I know you should not blame it on your teammates but i think it played a big role in me beeing stuck there.
For example most of the time there were always 2 games with mates that had no idea what they are doing. Sometimes it felt like they played their 1st game.
So i stopped caring about my rank and just played the game.
I was lucky with my games and finally platin.
Now i went through platin in like a day cause hey suddenly i get mates that know how the game works.
I went from plat 1 to diamond 4 and now games feel pretty difficult for me. I’m not doing bad but the games feel a bit too hard. I mean a season ago i was silver.
Should it be a thing that i jump through platin that fast?

Well congrats. I know the feeling. 6 years hard stuck until I hit plat. The breezed thru plat to hit mid diamond.

Unfortunately I lost so much recently I might hit gold again! Fun times!