From a support main, My thoughts on the PTR


I’m just going to go down the line of what i think as a support main. Maybe take some of this with a grain of salt.

Baptiste -

Ammo Change:

I thought this change was kinda not needed, since Baptiste’s reload was quick much like Mccree or Soldier, but i guess you can count it as a QoL change.

Matrix Time Change:

This change is… alright? i don’t really see the purpose of it, but it will make his ultimate a bit more powerful, and having more time will make up for it’s stationary effect.

Oh boy, the controversial character… -

Defense Matrix Change:

I didn’t really see the need of nerfing Defense Matrix, since is in people’s faces half of the time anyway. The previous nerf which nerfed her cooldown for Defense Matrix already did the job this change was suppose to do: Make it so DPS can play around it, this wasn’t really needed and i don’t believe it will change how players play The only good thing in my opinion with this change is that they updated the Visuals for Defense Matrix so you can actually see it.

Mccree -

Recovery Time Change:

I don’t have much thought on this, since i don’t play Mccree often. But since Mccree fires faster, i feel like it may make Fan the Hammer useless, and it would be better to just headshot twice while flashbang’ing a hero, so i think there might need to be some changes with that, i’m not sure.

Orisa -

Reload/Barrier Change:

I personally don’t like Orisa, but this is pretty much a QoL change, it won’t effect DPS or Healers all that much, and as the developers said it was disruptive if you either put a barrier or start firing again, so not really much i have to say about it.

Symmetra -

Teleporter Interaction Change:

This is a thank god of a buff for Symm, it doesn’t fix alot of problems the Teleporter has, but it makes the Teleporter actually have some usage which is nice, like escaping Graviton Surge.

Torbjorn -

Rivet Gun Secondary Fire Change:

I can see where they are coming from on this, but personally, i didn’t see Torbjorn as a problem, and it felt kinda just… unneeded much like’s nerf.

Well, that’s all of the heroes, if you’d like to share your thoughts or would like to counteract what i have typed. I’m here.