Friendly reminder about placements

They don’t matter really.
Unless you’re redoing placements on a new account.
Even then it’s likely you’ll get placed in gold (unless a much higher rank on your main account).
Don’t throw them.
Don’t take them too seriously.
Don’t blame a thrower on the fact that you’re the same rank you were last season.
You will not magically rank up through placements. (in the sense of-at most you’ll get 200sr more than where you left off last season).
Whatever you were last season. You’re likely to be this season.
Take a breath.
Don’t play while tilted.
They’re pretty much like any other match, + or - a few extra SR.


Ugh, actually, no. It helps, but not as much as people expected it to weigh 10 games or so.

It usually weighs 1.5-2.5 games each, and that’s it. It IS more improtant, but not to the point that it will matter so much u’ll climb 400 sr just by 5 games.

magically rank up still happens tho, it happened to me enough times.

Doesn’t look like same meaning to me but ok.

Edit: Oh btw just realized u just took context out too, gj misquoting.

Please stop misleading people.

Placement matches does matter.

As for new account, how you perform in quick play/arcade will have a huge impact on where you place.

This is untrue
see here> “If a player has never played competitive, his initial competitive SR is around 2350”

They don’t matter in the sense that people want them to matter. They matter the same as every other game pretty much. SR gains/losses should be treated the same because they’re roughly the same (maybe±slightly more sr for win/loss)

I made a brand new account went 4-1 on placement and got placed in masters.

Don’t say anything if you don’t know anything.

You are making yourself look stupid and mostly important, you are misleading people

average for new account= gold
preform above average = higher rating
preform impressively above average = masters
same thing happens to everyone dude.
im talking if you were gold last season, dont expect to win every match and not still be gold this season after placements.
the fact that you’re masters and not understanding what im saying is frankly ridiculous

also the fact that your posting from a privet profile who if you look up on overbuff, looks like youve never even played comp on.

It’s funny how you are using the word “ everyone” when you are in silver/bronze.

Who are you referring to?

On top of that, when I said quick play and arcade will have impact on new accpunt’s placement you straight up said it’s not true.

Can you make up your mind dude?


My DPS is t500 on eu last season. 4254 is my sr, look it up, should be around 300ish

so that means i don’t know the game at all?
just cuz im silver dont mean i can’t see what happens to everyone.
i can still read.
i read it on this forum every start of a new season.
also i did look it up and ur profile is privet, i cant see any season that youve played on overbuff either. already said that.
reading skills

it isn’t true click the link i posted with it and read for yourself

Lol I don’t wanna argue with a bronze player who has no clue how the game works.

Simply talking to you is giving me a headache.

lol says the t500 who thinks placements matter more than a couple extra sr.
yikes bro.
also the fact that u cling onto the one role that i hardly play that’s still bronze when my other 2 roles that i actually play are silver - but regardless the fact that you think this justifies what your saying as correct and what im saying as false just because your better at the game than me isn’t really a great argument. cuz i still have eyes and can observe things. but good try :+1:

Do me a favor and get ur head out of your butt. Your thread is misleading and you are clearly confused, lost, delusional, and clueless

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hm seems like someones tilted
it’s ok dude
itll be ok
here… if u really wanna read how I’m right, I’ll post some examples…

My own experiences I recall ending S19 at like 1100 and being placed S20 at like 1130. S20 ended at 1850, won 4 out of 5 placements. season 21 placed 1889.

overall i think we’re trying to say the same thing but two different opinions on the matter. regardless, i’ve editied my post to more accurately reflect what I’m trying to say.
Also my bad if I misquoted you.

Why are we bringing up new accounts when the first post says they don’t matter that much outside of new accounts?

Also why did a “don’t stress about these, remember to have fun” reminder turn into a semantics argument so fast??

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thank you for seeing it for what it really is

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