Frequently disconnecting for the last month

When playing the game, it works perfectly for about 20 minutes at a time, and then I suddenly and unexpectedly disconnect from Overwatch and the launcher. When this happens I usually get booted from the game. Sometimes I have to sign in again. This is the first that this has happened for me and I’m very sad about it. I thought that it might be something wrong with my files or computer so I verified those and there seems to be no issue. Other games have had nothing like this for me, even after playing for extended periods of time. I just want to play the game like I used to.

Please make sure to include the WinMTR test that captures a disconnection. Review the instructions at the top of the forum:

The DXdiag is too large to copy and paste here so I made a Control C link for the dxdiag and the WinMTR. It won’t let me post links so I added a space before the .com.
controlc .com/6693903f
controlc .com/246c3c53

And uh if you don’t want to click the links, I don’t know what to do because I can’t post the WinMTR export here because it also has links in it.

Host - % Sent Recv Best Avrg Wrst Last
plume.lan - 35 1368 890 1 3 107 :warning: 1 - 38 1427 890 6 23 250 :warning: 18 - 1 892 890 16 86 713 71 - 1 892 890 7 22 252 :warning: 26 - 1 892 890 10 27 264 :warning: 43

Something is causing issues with the packets on your network. Have you rebooted everything, like the modem/router, and the computer recently? Usually when the worst ping is that high it means some packets are not being handled properly. There is also some packet loss in the network. In this case, I recommend taking the WinMTR results and forwarding them to Spectrum/Charter/whatever it’s called by you.

I also reviewed the DxDiag. The only issues there were related to Windows updates. Make sure you’re not on the Insider version.