Free to Play - Help!

So Overwatch 2 is going to be free to play… my (limited) understanding of this is when released, you will be prompted to update the game if you already have OW1 installed (which I do on PC & PS4; main account being PS4)

But here’s my issue - I’m thinking of getting a newer gen console, and considering swapping to Xbox. Will OW2 still be available for free? Will it be on the PS/Microsoft store to download, or would I need to have OW1 installed (in which case I’d have to purchase again, not ideal :unamused:) I can’t seem to find a clear answer.

I’ve done my account merge, so I assume if I do swap over to Xbox I will still have my cosmetics & progression…

You wouldn’t need to buy it again, no.

And yeah your account merge will work assuming you use the same battlenet account when logging into the game on Xbox


So OW2 would just be available to download as a standalone game on Oct 4th?

As sad as it sounds, i’m only really getting a newer console for OW2, my day 1 release PS4 is on it’s last legs. Thinking of getting Xbox series S as it’s cheaper, but just wanted to make sure before I buy!


Yup, think of it as fall guys going f2p with just an update, ow is doing the same thing

Don’t quote me on this but I thought account mergers were for accounts created by a certain date…not for future ones

Edit - yeah it’s for current accounts

So if OP is making a NEW account after OW2 launches it won’t merge…which I’m guessing is the case if he’s switching to a different console (unless I misunderstood him)


I was under the impression that once I boot the new game up on Xbox, I’d be able to sign in with my current Blizz account which is merged with my Playstation & PC profiles… I thought the whole point was to have “one account for all”…

But you think it would just create a new account instead? Hmm if that’s the case might have to re-think

As long as it’s not a “new” account after OW2 I think you’re fine…I only have one account so I’m not sure how accounts work on ps/Xbox

The issue is if you don’t already have an Xbox/Xbox account, then it won’t have been able to tie that account to your existing PS/PC accounts. Just like you had to create a PS profile the first time you booted up your PS, you’d need to create a profile upon booting up your Xbox for the first time. Which means any new Xbox account that is created after OW2 launches, wouldn’t be allowed to merge. Least that’s how I’m interpreting what they said.

Do you have any friends who have an Xbox? If so, just get them to create an account for you on their console and then you can link that account to your profile now. Then when you get around to buying your Xbox, use that account to log in and since it’ll be tied to the account with all your stuff, it’ll have access to all the goodies. In theory.

So does this mean someone who has only been playing on PC can’t merge the account they create day one on ps or xbox when OW2 goes f2p?

Yeah I get what you mean. I do actually have an Xbox Live account already from back from the Xbox 360 days, just never had OW for it so never had to link the account.

I’ll see if I can get a friend to look into it… I just hope that now I’ve already linked my PS account, I can still link another console to the same BNet tag. Not quite sure how to take this from the FAQ -

"You can unlink your console accounts from your account at any time. However, there is a 1-year cooldown for linking new accounts to your account.

When you link a new console account to your account, it can access the progression and in-game items from the account. However, the new console account will not transfer its progress and in-game items to the linked account."

It’s all a bit confusing really! :sweat: :man_shrugging:

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Good morning, XBro here.
If you do happen to switch to an XBox, not only is there nothing extra to buy, but last time I checked you didn’t need Gamepass or XBox Gold to play f2p games online anymore. Hope this helps.

Yeah. They didn’t do a very good job of following up with us. Just dropped the FAQ and bounced. If we mess up and they weren’t around to clarify, guess it’s our fault.

Either way, it does sound like the new Xbox account would be able to access your OG PS/PC cosmetics, it just wouldn’t be able to share it’s own cosmetics. Which sucks because it basically means you’d have to use the PS/PC as your main. If you’re grinding the battlepass or whatever and you unlock stuff on the Xbox account, it sound like it wouldn’t transfer to the PS/PC accounts. Which is so dumb and useless. Guess it’s the best they could do though, idk.

Good luck to you though.

All OP has to do is just log into his existing account when he gets the new console. All of OP’s progress should transfer over. Only if OP makes a new account would this apply.


Yes. It will be free to all new and returning players.

You will be able to download the game when we go live on October 4th (exact timing and details are coming soon).

Yep, all you need to do is make sure any new console accounts is linked to the same BattleNet account you are using.


If you only are on PC, you can access your PC account on a new console account when you link to that console account.


Thank you for the reply. Is that possible after OW2 launches on Oct 4?

what i am wondering is if it will be a whole different client we have to download since maybe a different game. also on how big it would be… probably 20 gigs or something.

then they wont tell us about the old client which will probably be best to uninstall and delete since it will just be sitting there taking up room (overwatch 1 engine) or maybe they will automatically uninstall it for us but is that possible?!?

Cheers for clarifying Craig