Free Sombra 2018 Blizzcon Skin?

I know they explained why they set this skin for free and trying to explain as our fault for not looking through all the warning and documents. It just upsets me a lot and I want to let them know that “THE ONLY REASON I BOUGHT THE 2018 TICKET IS FOR THIS SOMBRA SKIN. I DIDN’T USE THE TICKET FOR ANYTHING ELSE!!! IF YOU WANT TO SELL MORE TICKETS, TAKE THIS SKIN QUEST BACK. CAUSE YOU HURT MANY PLAYERS’ HEART.” To be honest, I love the 2 skins of this year. But now, I won’t buy the ticket.


It’s the only time a blizzcon virtual ticket rewards had an offer valid and not limited to the ticket.

Besides you didnt pay for just a skin, you paid for content and you get a bonus. It was stated in the lines of the purchasing that it would come back by the end of 2019.

Cosnumer-wise, this is now respected. This year’s blizzcon doesn’t stipulate that both skins will be made available somewhere else.

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Please see this older topic for details on why this skin is released again:


They said this one would be re-released.

They did not say it for illidan genji and tyrande Symmetra.


How many more of these threads do you think we will get in the next two weeks with all of us explaining the same thing? Read the fine print next time OP.


So you are upset because they didnt lie to their playerbase?


That is correct anyone wanting this year’s skins from this year’s BlizzCon Virtual Ticket will want to purchase the virtual ticket.


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More last week of event, because people who didnt read that it gona be free, propably still dont know that its part of challenge.

True point, my guesstimate is at least 50 more threads from now til the end of the event lol.

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i’m not agree with this but i really just want one exclusive icon for blizzcon buyer XD

Exclusive icon is a good idea , that’s what I thought too. I mean they supported the blizzcon and payed real money.

The problem is that this will be leaving it unfair for those who deliberately choose to pass on the virtual ticket, knowing the skin would be released later.

The solution we have now fulfills Blizzard’s promise and no one is losing anything.

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That is all right , the promise was to give the skin for free . People will get it. Make an Icon for those who paid for blizzcon for free, and those who want the icon pay let’s say 7$ ? Both will be happy .

Seems like you wasted your money for the wrong reason.

It isn’t free, we have to spend OUR valuable time unlocking her.

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You have a week to win 9 games . It’s free.

Doesn’t matter if you bought the ticket just for one skin. No one twisted your arm. You chose that.

And this year’s ticket skins will not be a skin quest in the future. So not buying the ticket is a silly protest.

I do hope Blizzard gave it some forethought and have made it so that if we already have Demon Hunter, then by completing Week 3 challenges we at least get the in-game currency for a duplicate Legendary. I would have preferred a recolor though. :man_shrugging:t2:

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How is an icon unfair? People wanted the skin and Blizzard made it free to everyone now. An icon shows something from Blizzcon.

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