Free accounts on PS4, throwing in PS4 Competitive

I’ve decided to just make throwaway accounts and play heroes that I want however I want in competitive mode on PS4. Clearly it goes unpunished and it seems way more fun than to actually play the game to win. It’s bad that the game is more fun by being selfish and ruining it for others than to play to help others win

It has been how many years since the game has been out and there is no change in sight. How negligent do you have to be for a rampant problem like this? Is this the type of support (or lack of) that OW2 will be getting? If so, I hope most people don’t buy it to save them the headache that is trying to play Overwatch “competitive”


How about, instead, you don’t be that player who deliberately contributes to the problem and intentionally ruins games for others.

Jeff recently acknowledged smurfing is a problem and said they’re working on a solution.

I can’t have fun by losing a match after watching ONE player being able to destroy 5 other people trying to win. ONE FRIGGIN PLAYER can lose the entire match. But it takes all 6 to win.

It’s a hard solution? Fine… Then every time I play overwatch, I’ll do what it takes to enjoy the game and be selfish and have fun until a solution comes up. You can’t have a whole matchmaker designed around forming teams and then not take into account the most important variable… Human Behavior

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Unfortunately you can’t really account for human behavior. Humans are nothing if not random.

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Classic temper tantrum response. If someone hurts me, I’ll hurt others. Noble.

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Being noble didn’t stop any of those people from playing whatever they wanted. If I played Genji and dive into 6 man team of all my counters - you think my team would just take it lightly and just let it go?

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Right. Why not contribute to the problem because a small percentage of the population already does? Someone stole from you, so you steal from others. Someone punched you, so you punch someone else. Very mature.

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Well, I can’t punch them back in Overwatch. Only way Blizzard seems to try and put resources into fixing a problem is if it reaches a critical mass.

On top of that, trying to win a match that I know I won’t win because I’m always 1 member down despite 5 people wanting to do the right thing. There is literally nothing I can do to win that match. Meanwhile, that 1 person gets to have fun doing whatever the f they want, not be in voice chat.

I don’t know your basis for believing this. You make the game crappier, especially for new customers, decreasing their revenue, so their staff decreases. And you think they’ll suddenly fix the problem. Nice logic, genius.

Also, added to ignore list for 4 months. Don’t need selfish, toxic people in my life.

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How long did it take for them to put in 2-2-2? Because it takes 3 years of having your own game out to realize that oh… 6 Tracers running around is not a good system… and later… oh most people want to DPS. That took AGES! OWL came out, the teams started playing 3-3 w/ goats and the league was boring and affected their viewership. BOOM, 2-2-2. 2 years of player complaining didn’t do sheet

The biggest issue this game has is you have to grind out the performance based SR to get with actual decent players. That’s my issue. And when the grind is halted with things like throwers, smurf accounts, throw-accounts - it’s just a giant waste of time to actually try to grind the wins.

I play Overwatch for heroes and their abilities. I LOVE Genji… but clearly he gets dicked on by most of the cast so I don’t play him and rather play something that team can get use out of (e.g. hitscan to counter a pharah)… But then next game I get someone who wants to only play Doomfist (not in voice chat) - goes in an dies - doesn’t care. WTf…

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Sorry can’t hear you

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