Frames <30FPS only when playing

So for some reason after the most recent update when I try to play the game my frames seem to be capped at around 30 FPS. However when spectating a game i get my usual frame-rate ~200 or so, until i spectate someones character and then it drops back to around 20 or 30, also if I die then I get normal frames and as soon as i spawn its back to being 20. I’ve made sure all my drivers are up to date and i’m using an RX 580. I can’t seem to find anyone else having this issue and any help would be appreciated, Thanks

Next time make sure to post in the technical support forum. The bug report forum hardly sees support because it is a report only forum.

Anyway, maybe your problem is related to the following:

If that doesn’t solve it, create a new thread in the technical support forum and post a DXDiag between a quoteblock so a Blizzard employee or MVP can help figure out what may be amiss.