Framerate drops to and locks at 21fps


Game 3x this afternoon has dropped from normal locked framerate of 160fps to 21fps; game then locks there. Only fix so far is to restart the game. Happens randomly with no noticeable cause (has happened at start of match, mid-match).


Perhaps this sticky thread can help?


Nicole, I tried following the guide, moved Overwatch and the Blizzard launcher to the C drive and that made no difference. Game locked at 20fps upon startup a moment ago without entering a match. Tried to include screenshots of CTRL+SHIFT+N but received an error message stating that I can’t include links. In the “normal” screenshot the SIM row reads 6/6/68, in the “20fps” screenshot it reads 40/42/74. The other numbers onscreen go up by approximately 15-20 apiece.

System specs are below…I’ve never had this problem before with Overwatch, and have not installed any other programs or changed operating behavior other than the Nano Cola patch.

GTX 1080
16GB 3200mhz RAM
500gb SSD


It sounds like it’s trying to use an integrated card instead of your 1080. Let’s look at a dxdiag.


Nicole, should I run it at any specific time? I did notice that closing out Google Chrome made the fps drop/lock situation resolve immediately (only been able to try this once so far). Running Chrome and Overwatch (and programs like OBS as well) was never a problem before the latest patch, I never had frame drops of any kind below my locked 157fps.


Doesn’t matter really, anytime is fine. If you see an issue with Chrome, try toggling the hardware acceleration setting in Chrome’s configuration (if it’s on, turn it off, if it’s off, turn it on etc).


Edit: removed details, pertinent details in below reply


Windows Explorer is crashing, so you may need to update, repair, or restore Windows to a previous time.

There is some issue happening with your CPU. This could be a driver-related issue, overheating, or malware problem.

Corsair keyboard drivers are crashing, remove and reinstall.

GPU drivers are also crashing. Remove them with the DDU utility (download it), and do a clean install. The clean install feature from nVidia is bad and doesn’t work.


Great, I’ll apply all of those fixes. The turning off of hardware acceleration in Chrome seems to have fixed the fps drops, but I’ll investigate all of those as well to make sure my system functions as highly as it can. Thanks!


Good luck and happy gaming!