Frame Rate is 5-20 while playing

My FPS is abnormally low compared to when I last played the game (10 weeks ago). I wanted to play with some friends but when I went into a game I found that my fps was an average of 20, with drops to 5. When I had played before, I had a steady 60 fps, with high settings, but with some tweaking to them. I’ve read some things about this and tried to do what they said, like updating drivers, closing other programs and other things. I’ve had no luck with doing any of these things. I don’t know what could change so much that it would drop my fps that much, but if anyone could help that would be nice. The only reason That I could think that this would be happening would be my processor bottle-necking, but since it worked fine 10 weeks ago on the same settings, I don’t really know. I have a GTX 1060 6GB, and a intel i5 - 7400 cpu. Also, when I was playing a game, I realized that the killcams were in 90 fps, so its only when im actively playing that I get this 20 fps

Do you have Razer Synapse installed?

Yea I do, would that cause a problem

Yes, see sticky thread: