Frame rate drops to 15-20FPS

I have an AMD-FX six-core CPU, an Nvidia GeForce 1080 FE graphics card and 16GB of RAM, and I have a very reliable high-speed internet connection. I have the most up to date drivers for all of my cards and devices, including a clean install of the latest drivers for my graphics card.

Normally I get 100+FPS while playing Overwatch on low settings, but as of a few days ago, I have been getting massive frame rate drops in-game. The frame drops occur only when I am in control of the character, and as soon as my character is eliminated, the frame rate instantly jumps back up to the usual 100+FPS. It stays there for the duration of the post-death camera and killcam, and if I skip the killcam, I can control the spectator camera at 100+FPS, but as soon as I respawn, the frame rate drops back to 15-20FPS. It does not go above that while I am in control. The frame rate is a steady 15-20FPS until I get eliminated again.


We have a known issue with Razer that could cause this issue we discuss the workaround Here. See if that helps you out! :smiley:

Thank you.

Ah, I actually forgot to mention that I have a Razer mouse with Chroma effects! I will try this fix as soon as I get home. Thank you!