Frame Rate drop only for overwatch

thanks for taking the time to check out my topic. Every time I play overwatch my FPS have been capping at 15-20. 2 days ago I was running at 200+. This is the only game it is happening for as I’ve tried more graphic intensive games and sit well above 60 FPS. Ive lowered all the settings and still sit at 15 fps. I’ve also tried uninstalling the game and reinstalling and still have no success. any ideas?

I’ve had the same issue too and my FPS is stuck at 10-20 and super laggy and when spectating or in the home screen i am at 50+ fps. I also have tried everything but nothing has changed. It’s been since wednesday or thursday that I’ve had this issue.

I finally figured it out try uninstalling Razer Synapse if u have it it should fix the issue like it did for me.

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youre better than tech support lol

Glad you got this figured out. For future reference, the staff has included this one and other known issues in the sticky threads of this forum. I’m including this here in case someone else finds your post after experiencing the same issue.

Mine is always at 60 fps and sometimes it will spike for 0.5 only seeing a frozen screen then back to 60 fps. I play on an OMEN Laptop and other games even games like Mortal kombat 11 or mirrors edge catalyst runs at a constant 60 fps on high settings.