Frame issues midmatch


Every couple seconds the game would freeze whenever someone said anything that would appear in the comms (leaving/joining, Hi, Understood, and the such) this has never happened before the new Summer Games update. It seems to be a small issue but when the drops happen every time a person says something to appear in comms then it’ll have a noticeable effect.
Hope this gets patched out soon.


I have the exact same problem. The processor is way more used than before. Before my processor had a temperature of 75 degrees in game, and I gained 10.


Same problem. Any messages that pop up stutter the game, or even just randomly. I know it’s not my PC given that i’ve been playing this game +60fps ever since i got it.

(Chris Avina) #4

Thank you for this report. We are looking into this issue.


Wait did Chris say it’s going to be looked into but noone is being redirected to the tech supp forum? That’s new weesh.