Frame drops since latest winter wonderland patch

Hi, I’ve been able to play the game just fine the past few years but with the recent addition in the game’s latest patch with winter wonderland, I’ve been noticing so many weird frame drops and stutters that occur extremely randomly. I also want to point out that the TOYBOT ZENYATTA skin has frame drops on the main menu screen when he does his idle animation of spinning the orbs. I then tested this, since I have the skin and it frame drops in play of the game as well, however, if I equip the classic skins as well as the nutcracker, the frame drops on the animations isn’t there. There was a similar issue once before with Pharah and her dance/air guitar emote. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I also updated my graphics drivers recently too so I’m unsure if that caused it but the game was playing just fine before the patch and now my frames drop out of no where and when I ask in match chat if anyone else is suffering, many are agreeing to it as well.

Please look into it and any response is appreciated.

Please make sure to include the DxDiag mentioned at the top of the forum. You can review the instructions again here:

This would be classified as a game bug, which is best reported in #bug-report for developers to address.


I was excited to get back into playing OW and having fun grinding over the break, especially when I saw there was a performance update on PTR a couple weeks back but the chronic FPS drops since the new update make the game at points unplayable. The Toy Zen on the menu lags. And the frame drops continues after you queue for a game mode. Also another thing I noticed when you enter the practice range immediately when you launch the game, if you shoot the bots immediately outside the spawn the frames drop terrible there too. This might be too far but I feel the dev team has lost their touch for optimization, I do understand with new textures being added games can respond unexpectedly but this patch from an optimization stand point feels rushed.

Additionally I tried to add the DxDiag file but it exceeds the 99000 character limit

It says in the instructions you can use Pastebin if it doesn’t fit.

Problem signature:
P1: CorsairLink4.Service.exe

It’s probably this Corsair software that displays/collects stats for the system. I recommend removing it if you’re not using their peripherals anymore, or reinstalling if you are.

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Okiedokie I’ll run a couple of tests (removing the software, and reinstalling the software) and post the results shortly.

The frame drops still persist, I uninstalled the software, went to the practice range and there was no difference. Additionally I relaunched the game until the toy Zenyatta background appeared and the same issue persisted.

Just got done queuing, and I found regardless the practice range drops frames immediately when you load in and shoot a couple of bots after awhile it smooths out. But the interesting was when I got into a couple of QP games the game didnt lag at all unless the toy zenyatta was the background on the menu before I queued.

Same issues and my friends. Why would anyone need to post a dxdiag. Blues can just access it when you run bnet anyway. Oh and open wireshark will you play and you also see some fps drops match with bnet trying to access servers outside the country. I asked two weeks ago why they are doing this but Blues refused to respond.

Came across something that might help:

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got the same issue as well

I get the same problem. It seems to have started with the latest winter patch too. I can play two matches (typically) at full framerate (about 120 on my machine). Then, starting with the third match, I start getting periodic, stuttery framerate dips into <30 that get more frequent over the course of the match. I actually think it drops to like 5 fps but it bounces up and down and by the time I glance at the fps indicator it’s somewhere around 30 on the way back up.

From then on out, until I reboot my computer, it’s a constant up-and-down. It makes the game unplayable. Unfortunately, I don’t know it’s going to happen until I’m into the match, so I have to drop out after we’ve begun playing.

This sounds like a temperature issue, instead of driver-related.

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It might be, actually. It’s a Dell gaming laptop – I propped it up so the fans had clearance, and played a few matches. I noticed the temp capped at 77 like usual. While the frames did drop around the fourth match, they didn’t do the dramatic dip to <30. More like hovered around 80. And the temp dropped quickly between matches when the demands weren’t so high.

I’ll get a cooling pad. But now I’m wondering why this has recently become a problem. Could just be age…

Age, dust buildup, extra demands on the hardware.

So an interesting followup. I did more research and someone mentioned that the Dell G7s had issues with Intel’s TurboBoost. You have to disable it in the BIOS, but once I did I noticed a significant temp drop while playing OW – at least 5 degrees C but often more. I could go back to my previous settings and get a mostly consistent ~150 fps without the drops. I’ll keep it this way for a few more days to be sure.

So it was a heat thing, in a sense, but something was triggering it. I wonder if Dell happened to push out some kind of update right around the time of the patch and I conflated them.

Thanks for reporting this, I’ll keep it in mind in case anyone else runs into a similar issue with a Dell laptop.

If you have nvidia gpu It’s a persistent issue, many have it, any driver from nvidia after the 457.09 will create framedrops. Everytime a new asset loads (3d object, animation, sprite, icon, ui etc) the game halts to a grind for half a second showing framedrops.
In my first encounter with this problem the game stuttered every couple of seconds, now it just stutters untill i’ve parsed all the assets in the active game, but if someone picks a new hero or plays a new emote animation offcourse it will stutter again.

My game runs with 20-30% of the gpu usage(1070, ryzen5 2600 and 32gb of ram, ssd and all that). Never had this issue untill after that update, i think it was in october or november.
The january update from nvidia still does not fix this issue.